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A Wedding Day That Never Was

Posted by Kurt Keydel on May 5, 2010

May 5, 1990 – Twenty years ago today, at the Severna Park Lutheran Church in Severna Park, Maryland, a wedding was to happen. Later, at Spinnaker’s restaurant (long gone) which used to be the sight of the Severn Inn (gone a lot longer), on the bank of the Severn River across from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the wedding reception was scheduled.

What a day it was going to be! Friends from Maryland, Virginia and New Hampshire were invited, as well as family from Massachusetts and Michigan. The band, “Retrospective” were lined up to play the reception. It was going to be a fantastic celebration.

Two families were going to be joined through the union of Lisa and Kurt: The Barselous and the Keydels.

That day never happened. Six months prior to this date, in November of 1989, Lisa Barselou was raped and murdered in the Baltimore home she shared with me. I was away in Alaska, sailing on a factory (fishing) trawler in the Bering Sea. Though we shared our house with temporary tenants (we would live alone once we were married), they all left to be with girlfriends that night, leaving her alone for the first time since moving in. It was that night that someone without any sense of humanity, climbed into an unlocked window at the top of a fire escape, awoke her in the middle of the night and brutally took her life.

In memory of this day, I show the Lisa that I loved, with whom I laughed, sang and planned a life together.

Lisa with Kurt (left) and her father, Bob (right)

Yes, she could still be taken seriously!

More music performed by Lisa and me:

Free Man in Paris

Blue Bayou


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