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Lisa Michelle Barselou: March 21, 1963 – November 18, 1989…A Remembrance

Posted by Kurt Keydel on August 16, 2007

Nearly eighteen years ago, the life of a beautiful young woman was mercilessly and selfishly taken by a thug who possessed no self-worth or decency.  Lisa Barselou was found strangled in her Baltimore city home in the neighborhood of Bolton Hill in November 1989.  Her murder had been unsolved until June of 2007 when DNA evidence finally revealed her killer. She was pretty, fun-loving, with a fantastic sense of humor and a beautiful voice.  She deserved a life of far greater promise than the short time given her.

In memory of her life, her voice and spirit, I offer her rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris”.

You’re forever in my heart, Lisa.



One Response to “Lisa Michelle Barselou: March 21, 1963 – November 18, 1989…A Remembrance”

  1. Nancy said

    If my heart were to be felt at this moment, it would live as it hadn’t for nearly 20 years.

    If my thoughts were to be seen, colors long lost are once more vivid and true.

    If my heart knew a song to sing it might be heard by all souls living but heavy laden with grief that does not forget … I am merely given a piece of light now and then. To remind me the world is good.

    Lisa, my beloved friend, so dear to my heart, you are Forever Young and in you we remain so until we next meet for heavenly smores.

    Love and Peace to friends who too loved Lisa Michelle Barselou

    . . . it’s just me, guys. Nancy… please find me –

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